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Secure, Peer-to-Peer Video Conferencing for Business & Government

CryptoVideo is video communication platform built for the Google Chrome Browser, incorporating privacy, security, & quality by design.



CryptoVideo uses WebRTC to generate a peer-to-peer connection directly between two browsers. Your communication is encrypted end-to-end: nothing you send can be seen by anyone but your chat partner, and your keys never leave your machine. In particular our servers cannot read, and do not store, your communications -- the only data kept by CryptoVideo is a conversation record containing the date, location, and identity of the connecting parties. This record allows you to prove that a conversation occurred, and deters the use of CryptoVideo for illicit purposes.


CryptoVideo utilizes AES-256-CTR, Twofish-CTR, Salsa20, SRTP, DTLS, scrypt, and HMAC for encryption, key derivation, and authentication. When creating a secure session, our users are ensured that only the intended parties can enter the session, all messages within the session are encrypted locally, no communications from their session are stored, and the entire communication channel self-destructs at the end of each timed session.


A common misconception amongst many Internet users is that privacy and security will come at the expense of user experience and the quality of the product. Many users feel forced to choose between the frustration of a bad interface or exposing their private data to the world. At CryptoVideo, we don't believe security and privacy should come at the cost of user experience. We're continuously optimizing our interface and overall experience, and work with world-renowned security experts to stay ahead of the latest attack vectors. CryptoVideo is dedicated to providing a high quality communication experience that respects your rights to privacy and security.

CryptoVideo is presently in closed beta.

About Us

At CryptoVideo we believe in private, secure, quality communication, so we created a video communication platform to provide it.

CryptoVideo is a project by Privacy Shell. Visit us to learn more about the Privacy Shell team and our other projects.